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Neal Novotny

Marketing Advisor

Silicon Valley, California


Neal Novotny is tech-savvy marketing and communications leader, who articulates credible benefits and value for businesses. He began in applications engineering and product management ... then transitioned to marketing to help shed better light on growing ties between technology and business success - for both customers and clients.


He holds a Master’s in Technology Management Degree from Pepperdine University and has held marketing and communications leadership roles at Cisco Systems, BEA Systems and others. He has provided extensive consulting work for companies including Intel, HP and Ernst & Young, and others.


He brings high-level skills in a) Strategy: Developing marketing plans and communications strategy; and 2) Execution and Production: ‘Telling the story’ by creating, distributing, promoting messaging & content to describe technical & business benefits of complex products and solutions organizations deploy or bring to market.


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