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Welcome to Founders Circle

A Unique Innovative Program for Donors to Promote Our Cause  


Refer Individuals and Earn Valuable Stock Options in the

PRECISE TECH Corporation 

Thank You for Donating and Joining Founders Circle.

This is Your Donation Receipt for $25.
Your Donation is 100% Tax Deductible per IRS Guidelines.

Your Donation and Support will Help ION Medical Safety
Prevent Medical Errors and Save Lives.








I have an active Founders Circle Account - Now what?

Promoting your website is the best way to earn more stock options.


Social Media Promotion Steps:


  1. Login to your account.

  2. Go to the Promotion Page.

  3. Copy Target Market Promotion Text for desired social media account.

  4. Go to the Action page.

  5. Login to either FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn or WhatsApp social media account.

  6. Paste Promotion Text (Your Unique Link Will Be Automatically Added to the Post).

  7. Add desired target # Hash Tags.

  8. Complete the post.

  9. Goal post on all four social media channels 3 times a week.

  10. Use social media content calendar to post on days you are not targeting your audience with your Founders Circle offer.




How does Founders Circle Work?

Founders Circle is a Referral Stock Options Program designed to raise awareness and donations for ION Medical Safety.  As a Founders Circle Consultant, you will be raising awareness obtaining referrals and donations though your own unique website.  For performing these actions, you will be rewarded with stock options in the PRECISE TECH Corporation. 

How do I join Founders Circle?

You can go to our Founders Circle website page at:

and follow the Join Founders Circle Now red buttons to Review Agreement and make your $25 annual donation.  Once you donate just follow the emails sent to you to setup and activate your account.

What happens if I join Founders Circle and perform no other actions?

In order to receive stock options, you must take action and promote awareness and obtain referrals in your account. 

What if my Founders Circle account expires?

Your Founders Circle account must remain active at all times to maintain your stock options position.  If your account is not renewed annually, you will surrender all stock options.  Your account will then become inactive and you will have to re-establish a new Founders Circle account.


Where does my $25 donation go?

ION Medical Safety a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization will receive your donation.    


Our goal is to develop the PRECISE Surgical System the world’s first learning healthcare system designed with advanced technologies to improve patient outcomes, enable learning healthcare research, develop surgical best practices, prevent medical errors, save lives and advance medical science. 


Every time someone donates and joins our cause they are supporting the development of the PRECISE Surgical System.

Why should I donate to ION Medical Safety?

Medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S.  Our Precise Surgical System is designed to prevent medical errors and save lives. 

Can I just donate $25 and receive stock options?

No.  In order to receive stock options, you must be active in Founders Circle. 

What if I want to donate $25 or more but not join Founders Circle?

Please visit our ION Medical Safety donate now page at:


and make your donation.



How do I earn stock options?

  1. You must join Founders Circle, agree to the terms and conditions, make an annual donation of $25 and activate your account.

  2. Through your unique website and link, promote awareness and obtain referrals.

  3. Every Referral earns 25 stock options.  

When will I receive my stock options?

Stock options will be issued when we are entering an Initial Public Offering (IPO) or a Merger and Acquisition (M&A).  

How will I receive my stock options?

Stock option grants and agreements will be sent to you for review and execution

When do stock options expire?

The expiration date of each stock option is set by the Board of Directors and CEO.  Expiration date shall not be more than 10 years from the date of the grant.

Can I sell or transfer my stock options?

No stock options shall be transferrable, assignable or sold by the optionee.  Each stock option shall be exercisable by the optionee during the optionee’s lifetime only by him or her.  No stock option shall be pledged or hypothecated in anyway and no stock option shall be subject to execution, attachment, or similar process except with the express consent of the Board of Directors or CEO. 



How does the Promotion Page work?

Use the promotion page to earn valuable stock options by raising awareness and obtaining referrals.  Target your promotions to market segments including healthcare, surgery, patient safety, fund raising and finance.  Utilize #hash tags and add value through the content calendar.

How does the Action Page work?

This is the place to begin.  First your unique link is located here.  Always use your unique link on all of your promotions to earn stock options.  Utilize the FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp buttons to post your promotions with your unique link.

How does the Rewards Page work?

Rewards are self-explanatory.  They are listed in the number of Stock Options as Balance, Earned and Spent.

How does the Activity Page work?

Each activity you perform through the website is recorded here.  This helps you understand and identifies who joined through your promotions.


How do I join ION Medical Safety?

Please visit our ION Medical Safety careers page at:


and contact us to be considered.


Founders Circle 10X

Stock and Stock Options Success

JET.Com - Launched Stock Options

Referral Program   


Stock Options Reward

  • Goal - Recruit 350,000 People Before Website Launch 


  • Jet Insiders Program


  • Referral Contest Offered 200,000 Stock Options


  • Most Referrals Wins and Receives 100,000 Stock Option Reward

  • The Winner Invested $18,000 in Advertising to Obtain the Most Referrals


  • Winner Received 100,000 Stock Options Reward

  • 18 Months Later Walmart Obtained Jet.Com for $3 Billion

  • Winner Received $20 Million for the 100,000 Stock Option Reward

  • Stock Options Can become Very Valuable

Bar Chart

$18,000 Investment Wins Most Referrals

Business Partners at Work

100,000 Stock Options Reward Equaled

$20,000,000 Million Dollars   

A-Review Agreement



Business People Mingling
IMS Rectangle-Clear 1000.png

Stock Options

Referral Program

Founders Circle


  • Donate $25 Per Year

  • Agree to be an Independent Contractor

  • Agree to the Stock  Options Program

  • Signup for Your Own Unique Website Account & Link


Founders-Circle-White Out.png
  • Utilizing Your Unique Website Account Link,

         Refer Others to Donate to:

         ION Medical Safety 


  • Receive 25 Stock Options for Every Referral

  • Stock Options Vest Upon Initial Public Offering or Merger & Acquisition

  • More Referrals Equals More Stock Options




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To really know is science;

to merely believe you know is ignorance.


Our Vision

Develop the world’s first learning healthcare system delivering surgical best practices and processes resulting in personalized patient-centered care and increased patient safety.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To help prevent medical errors and reduce patient harm through advanced technologies for healthcare providers worldwide.

We Need Your Support Today!

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