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Medical Errors are the 3rd Leading

Cause of Death in the U.S. 

To address this challenge, ION Medical Safety a non-profit organization is developing the World’s first learning healthcare system the PRECISE Surgical System™ and ION Life Application. 
















  • Improving Patient Outcomes

  • Enabling Learning Healthcare 


  • Developing Surgical Best Practices

  • Preventing Medical Errors

  • Saving Lives 

  • Advancing Medical Science

Non-Profit Unique Advantages


Since 2011, we have been developing ION Medical Safety a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit corporation.  Our non-profit status provide the following unique advantages: 

  • ION Medical Safety develops the PRECISE Surgical System and ION Life Application and exclusively licenses the products to the PRECISE TECH Corporation.

  • ION Medical Safety owns the PRECISE TECH Corporation.

  • ​The ability to develop and implement the World's First Learning Healthcare System    the PRECISE Surgical System™ and ION Life App.  Our system is designed with advanced technologies to improve patient outcomes, enable learning healthcare research, develop surgical best practices, prevent medical errors, save lives and advance medical science.  

Non-Profit Fund Raising

To support product development ION Medical Safety raises Major Gift donations from          foundations, corporations, companies and wealthy individuals.  It also raises Peer to              Peer individual donations and Government Grants. 

To Donate:

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 Richard Norris - CEO

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Help Prevent Medical Errors and Save Lives

Helping prevent medical errors and saving patient lives through advanced technologies for healthcare providers worldwide


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