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Founders Circle


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Founders Circle Entrepreneur Program

The Founders Circle – Entrepreneur program is a way for individuals to help impact the development of PRECISE Surgical System™, while gaining an ownership stake in the PRECISE TECH Corporation. 


There are two options to the Founders Circle Entrepreneur Program:


Option 1:   Surgical Medical Error (SME) Memorials


It consists of helping ION Medical Safety, our non-profit, with a very affordable monthly donation.Entrepreneurs remove their monthly donations through rewards from ION Medical Safety profiting from their efforts.


The Entrepreneur selects a patient/family to create a Surgical Medical Error (SME) story. With permission from the Patient/Family, the story will be published on the ION Medical Safety website.


A sponsor is obtained to develop a virtual memorial to highlight the patient’s story.  ION Medical Safety provides marketing obtaining donations from the public, which helps the patient/family. The sponsor receives exposure in the community and more customers.


At the same time, the entrepreneur builds key sponsoring relationships participating in alleviating the pain and suffering of patients/family who have been harmed by surgical medical errors.


The entrepreneur’s efforts also support the development of the ™ designed to eliminate surgical medical errors and save lives.


Founders Circle Entrepreneur Program 

Surgical Medical Errors (SME) Memorial Benefits 

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Option 2:   Fund Raising


The Entrepreneur performs fund raising activities of his/her choice, approved by ION Medical Safety.  Entrepreneurs earn equity stock options in the PRECISE TECH Corporation.


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Our Vision

Develop the world’s first learning healthcare system delivering surgical best practices and processes resulting in personalized patient-centered care and increased patient safety.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To help prevent medical errors and reduce patient harm through advanced technologies for healthcare providers worldwide.

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