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Accredited Investors

Gain an equity stake in the PRECISE TECH Corporation™, our public benefits corporation. This is an exciting opportunity to participate and reap rewards, while helping us save children's lives, develop best practices, prevent medical errors and advance medical science.

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Strategic Partners

Does your organization have leading edge products, services and technologies which can benefit our vision and mission?  Engage with us and help revolutionize patient care in surgery.  We are continuously searching to work with strategic partners to help us prevent medical errors prior, during and after surgeries increasing patient outcomes and saving lives.  

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To Invest in:


The PRECISE TECH Corporation


Private Placement 

Regulation D - 506 (c) Exempt Security Offering 


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Richard Norris - CEO


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Accredited Investors
Strategic Partners

To really know is science;

to merely believe you know is ignorance.


Our Vision

Develop the world’s first learning healthcare system capable of accelerating healthcare research, developing surgical best practices resulting in improving patient outcomes, preventing medical errors, saving lives and advancing medical science.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To improve patient outcomes, prevent medical errors, save lives and advance medical science through advanced technologies for healthcare providers worldwide.

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