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Health and Wellness Personal Learning Healthcare System Designed to Proactively Prevent, Manage and Accelerate Healing from Chronic Diseases and

Surgery Improving Patient Outcomes.

ION Life PRECISE Health will proactively optimize your health.  It will help you develop a personalized health profile assessment.  It recommends healthy nutrition options and personal exercise programs.  It will prevent the impact of surgery and chronic diseases while managing, and healing these conditions.
Our goal with ION Life PRECISE Health is to promote healthy people where prevention is a priority.  We are passionate about the provider and patient experiences and increasing patient outcomes across the healthcare continuum.

​ION Life PRECISE Health is a Learning Healthcare System based on advanced technologies.  It provides integration with optional wearable fitness trackers monitoring and advancing your progress to live a full and healthy life.  

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To help prevent medical errors and reduce patient harm through advanced technologies for healthcare providers worldwide.



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