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Brain Scans
Medical Errors 

Pediatric Medical Errors

"No child after receiving a negative medical diagnosis or life threatening accident should ever have to also experience a
Medical Error.  
Prevention is the only CURE"

Doctor with Patient
Child Physiotherapy
Doctor with Infant
Girl at the Pediatrician

 The American Academy of Pediatrics developed the following  article: 

"Principles of Pediatric Patient Safety:
Reducing Harm Due to Medical Care"

Reducing pediatric patient harm attributable to medical care requires identifying and reporting errors and adverse events, disseminating best practices to prevent errors, and cultivating a culture of safety. 

Based on the American Academy of Pediatrics Article findings the following are their recommendations for preventing pediatric medical errors.

 Recommendations for
Preventing Pediatric Medical Errors

1. Raise awareness and improve working knowledge of pediatric patient safety issues and best practices throughout the pediatric community.

A. Educate and train a broad scope of clinicians

B. Network at national and regional meetings

C. Create a Safety Culture that informs, supports and educates on pediatric patient safety

D. Implement and use standardized protocols of care for specific conditions including checklists, clinical practice guidelines and monitor adherence.

E. Expand Focus: Direct attention of pediatric healthcare providers to safety in ambulatory settings, including the family-centered medical home and other locations where children receive care.

2. Act and advocate to minimize preventable pediatric medical harm by using information on pediatric-specific patient-safety risks.

A. Develop pediatric-specific error reporting

B. Foster Leadership maintaining awareness and responsibility for patient safety issues.

C. Enhance family-centered care by actively engaging patients and families in safety at all points of care.

3. Improve health care outcomes for children by adhering to proven best practices for improving pediatric patient safety.

A. Adhere to best practices and disseminate proven patient safety interventions.

B. Target drug safety in collaboration with regulatory agencies

C. Help redesign clinical systems instilling safety-design concepts when renovating or creating medical care systems and processes. 

1. Mueller BU, Neuspiel DR, Fisher ERS, AAP COUNCIL ON QUALITY IMPROVEMENT AND PATIENT SAFETY, COMMITTEE ON HOSPITAL CARE. Principles of Pediatric Patient Safety: Reducing Harm Due to Medical Care. Pediatrics. 2019; 143(2):e20183649

 The Third Leading Cause of Death isn't a Disease ... 

Medical Error Facts:
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