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World's First Learning Healthcare System

Designed with Advanced Technologies to

Prevent Medical Errors and Save Lives.


Our system is delivered to healthcare providers for Zero Cost.  This minimizes the financial impact and decreases healthcare costs.

Healthcare providers implement the PRECISE Surgical System™  in their surgical suites by integrating existing technologies and adding new technologies.  It interfaces to diagnostic, analysis and multiple information technologies which are continually monitored and updated as the patient undergoes surgery.  Predictive information is provided alerting the surgical team of any relevant changes.


The PRECISE Surgical System™ monitors instrumentation, actions, materials and other relevant inputs.  It is designed with a system of procedure and authority that oversees all surgical processes maintaining surgical best practices and regulatory compliance.

The system ensures that all EHR, patient history and current medications have been reviewed for accuracy before proceeding to the next step.  


Clearance to proceed is given at each surgical step and phase of the patients surgery. Each procedure and action is accompanied with mandatory checklists to avoid human error and oversight.  To prevent medical errors complete accountability and transparency of all surgical processes and procedures are documented and available to all parties.

To operate the PRECISE Surgical System™, team members will be trained and certified. Each team will consist of a provider team leader, surgeon, surgical nurses, PreOp and PostOp nurses.  Training will be accomplished in a clinical surgery simulation center providing the team experience with the system and testing their knowledge to perform their skills.  Simulated life threatening patient events will evaluate the teams ability to maintain patient safety and clinical best practices.   


Implementing the PRECISE Surgical System™ will provide a cultural transformation capability for your surgical practice.  Each surgical team will have transparent communications and collaborative capabilities. This change will enhance their capability to deliver focused clinical skills resulting in the delivery of patient-centered care.         


Our system enables learning health care research by allowing the process of turning health care data investigation into knowledge, translating that knowledge into practice, and creating new data by means of advanced information technology and artificial intelligence.

A major advantage of the PRECISE Surgical System™ is its capability to support the development of surgical best practices.  Surgical team members utilize the artificial intelligence capabilities to enhance or replace existing surgical best practices.


The PRECISE Surgical System™  is designed with advanced technologies to systemically prevent medical errors and save lives.

Advanced Technologies:

Advanced Surgical Technologies

Artificial Intelligence

Augmented Reality



Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Machine Learning


Virtual Reality

Voice Recognition


3D Printing


PRECISE Surgical System™ will Revolutionize Surgery by:


Delivering Personalized Patient-Centered Care 

Increasing Patient Safety 

Improving Patient Outcomes

Cultural Transformation

Enabling Learning Healthcare Research

Developing Surgical Best Practices

Preventing Medical Errors

Saving Lives

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To help prevent medical errors and reduce patient harm through advanced technologies for healthcare providers worldwide.


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