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Patient Safety

Have you, a loved one, family member or a friend experienced a Surgical Medical Error?  


We would like for you to share your story with ION Medical Safety.  We are developing the PRECISE Surgical System the World’s First Learning Healthcare System Designed to Prevent Medical Errors, Increase Patient Outcomes and Save Lives.  

If you would like to share your story with us 

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Richard Norris  


Aimee’s Story

I was a newlywed and a dental hygienist in South Carolina when I had breast augmentation surgery in 2004.

I did my research prior to surgery. Upon inquiry on the safety of the implants, I learned that silicone implants were taken off the market due to leaking. As a result, saline filled implants were touted as a safer alternative.

My board certified plastic surgeon gently assured me that should the saline implant become compromised, the saline will get absorbed by the body.

Anatomy of Medical Errors The Patient in Room 2

A surgeon unknowingly damages a woman’s intestines which results in a cascade of tragic preventable medical errors.  She spends three weeks in a coma and endures four more surgeries. As she battles sepsis and multiple infections, everyone believes she will die.  When she wakes up, she does not understand how one surgery and overnight stay turned into a month.  She cannot feel the wound vac pumping fluid from her numbed abdomen, which must remain open because the infection has eaten away the tissue.  Her surgeon says little and the hospital refuses to talk with her. As a nurse, nursing professor, and medical ethicist, she vows to discover the truth and write a book.  It takes her eight years.

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