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PRECISE TECH Corporation is a For Profit Public Benefits Corporation exclusively offering the PRECISE Surgical System™ to healthcare providers at Zero Cost except for associated costs with implementing the system.

Healthcare providers receive a custom implementation across their surgical suites by integrating existing technologies and adding new technologies to establish the PRECISE Surgical System™.  To operate the PRECISE Surgical System™, administration, surgical team members and support personnel are trained and certified.     

Each healthcare provider selects the surgical suite modules pertaining to their surgical practice.  The ION Life App integrates with the surgical suite modules providing real time and secure information to the healthcare provider, patient, caregiver and family. 

In the PRECISE Surgical System™ risk is mitigated through best surgical practices and continuous learning in each surgical suite module resulting in improved patient safety and outcomes.  Due to mitigated risk the PRECISE TECH Corporation will offer malpractice insurance offering to the healthcare provider for each surgical suite module.  This will help reduce healthcare costs for providers.

Revenue is generated by performing custom system implementations, training and certification, ION Life App integration, franchising surgical suite modules and malpractice insurance offerings.




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To help prevent medical errors and reduce patient harm through advanced technologies for healthcare providers worldwide.



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