Medical Errors are the 3rd Leading

Cause of Death in the U.S. 

To address this challenge, ION Medical Safety a non-profit organization is developing the World’s first learning healthcare system the PRECISE Surgical System™.  Designed with advanced technologies including the ION Life Application, the system will revolutionize surgery by improving patient outcomes, enabling learning healthcare research, developing surgical best practices, preventing medical errors, saving lives and advancing medical science.


The PRECISE TECH Corporation was founded by ION Medical Safety to support acute care hospitals, ambulatory and plastic surgery centers with implementation and client support services.    

PRECISE TECH Corporation Unique Advantages


The PRECISE TECH Corporation is a designated public benefits corporation (PBC).  This unique PBC structure provides us with the following advantages: 


  • The PRECISE TECH Corporation has an exclusive license to implement and support the ION Medical Safety PRECISE Surgical System and ION Life Application. 


  • The PRECISE TECH Corporation offers the products to acute care hospitals, ambulatory and plastic surgery centers for zero cost minimizing the financial impact and decreasing healthcare costs.

  • The PRECISE TECH Corporation as a public benefits corporation can deliver social impact investments to ION Medical Safety.  This is the result of no product development costs for the PRECISE TECH Corporation.  

  • The PRECISE TECH Corporation can offer investors equity through founders circle crowd funding, accredited investors SEC exempt securities and strategic investor participation with their products and services driving profitability and growth. 

  • The ability to support development and implementation of the World’s First Learning  Healthcare System the PRECISE Surgical System™ and ION Life App. 

PRECISE TECH Corporation Revenue Streams


The PRECISE TECH Corporation will generate significant revenue by providing implementation, access and support for the PRECISE Surgical System™ and ION Life App.

Custom implementations will be the only Non-Recurring revenue stream and will be charged on a project basis.  All other revenue streams will be Recurring.

The PRECISE TECH Corporation with its unique advantages and multiple revenue streams will become a leading competitor in the advanced medical technology industry.

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