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Scott Roethle, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder

Leawood, Kansas


Scott T. Roethle, MD, is a highly qualified physician executive with experience and knowledge in many areas in and outside of the practice of medicine.  His wide-ranging experience and interest outside of the clinical group-practice of anesthesia includes Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Lifelog Health, a managed services and consulting startup in disruptive innovation in health technology, marketing a revolutionary new integrated health wearable and app available to systems, practitioners, and directly to the consumer. Lifelog Health Network is a HIT and business infrastructure interface between providers and patients using health smart bands and data analytics to improve health and well-being across multiple populations.  In addition, he serves as Advisor to the Founders, and on the Executive team, of Universal Health Coin, a cryptocurrency based health finance system that utilizes blockchain technology to arbitrage, decentralize and provision fair payment of health services. His roles include much more than the medical expertise, wellness, and quality outcomes required in these health startups, particularly business development, sales and marketing, healthcare technology (IoT and SaaS), and fundraising and angel investing.
Dr. Roethle also serves as a co-founder, President/CMO of ModRN Health, recently ranked #43 out of 840 digital health startups.  ModRN Health is an innovative personal health record and individualized care coordination solutions.  He is leading this mix of relevant health care technology, patient-centered and relevant health data, and nurse-led care-team management to bring a revolutionary change to chronic care outcomes and decrease care spend.
As a physician anesthesiologist, he served as Vice President and Treasurer of a $100 million large-group anesthesia practice in which he led revenue and profit increases and budgetary oversight on a local and global scale within the organization.  He has previously held and currently serves as a Director, Center Chief, or service line Chair, overseeing the obstetrical anesthesia division of the Fetal Health Center at Children's Mercy Hospital.  He understands and helps guide the overall corporate strategies of growth and expansion, especially pertaining to financial strategy and market opportunity. 
Dr. Roethle's board experience includes serving on the Medical Advisory Board for Fruitstreet, a HIPAA compliant software interface for telemedicine in lifestyle medicine, in which he serves as a technical, financial, market and strategic advisor for the company.  He is an investor and advisor with MedPro Investors.  And he is a capital partner and board member for a boutique private equity firm called Salt Light Ventures. 
Beyond his direct leadership activities as a group physician executive, he serves in leadership as a Delegate to the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), as President-elect of the Kansas Society of Anesthesiologists, and serving on the Executive Board of Directors to the Kansas City Medical Society and KCMS Foundation.  Through these board and leadership positions he has contributed to organizational development and guidance of strategic initiatives encompassing growth, expansion, contraction, realignment, membership, legislative affairs, and finances. His involvement in the ASA also includes serving on the Committee of Practice Management, which is charged with developing, leading, and educating the Society membership in anesthesia practice management initiatives. 
His Medical Doctorate is from the University of Minnesota, as is his undergraduate degree, a Bachelor of Science in Business from the Carlson School of Management.  He completed his anesthesiology residency in the Texas Medical Center in Houston.  He currently lives in Leawood, Kansas, with his wife and four children.
He has long aspired to participate in disruptive innovation of the healthcare industry, particularly addressing ways to shift the industry out of the sick-care model and to help people maintain health and advance wellness at both the individual and population level.  He believes strongly in living a healthy, active lifestyle, and has competed both as an elite triathlete and as a top-ranked physique competitor. His utmost desire is to help others more easily live and maintain similar aspects of a healthy, prosperous life. He strives to continually learn and grow, and to find great ways to have extraordinary impact on others and, along with his wife and four children, to leave behind a legacy.

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